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Bait Night

Feature Script

She wanted to catch a predator... but became the prey.

A hotheaded young decoy for a hidden camera show that baits online sexual predators must survive a deadly game of cat-and-mouse after she reels in a violent psychopath she believes to be her sister’s killer.

  • BEST THRILLER/HORROR:  Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

  • FINALIST DRAMA & HORROR:  Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

  • TOP 50: Tracking Board Launchpad Feature Competition

Black Flame

Feature Script

After her old fling leaves a mysterious voicemail and disappears, an ambitious reporter heads to his small town looking for answers (and a hit podcast), but discovers an awakening ancient evil that could lead to her ruin.

Co-written by Ibba Armancas

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Buzz Kill

Feature Script

Nobody likes a victim.

A young depressed stoner chick is saved from a chainsaw-wielding maniac by a middle-aged militant survivor who enlists her to destroy the evil patriarchal bureaucracy that enforces horror movie cliches. Scream meets Barbie.

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TV Pilot

A quirky, foul-tempered Los Angeles mythological investigator  tracks down the multi-cultural legends that live in the shadows of the ethnic pockets of Los Angeles.

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Pandemic Playhouse

TV Show

An Emmy-nominated PBS educational show created using strict CDC guidelines during the height of the 2020 shutdown.

co-created with Ibba Armancas

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