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Charlotte Chatton

The Next Level Script: Exceptional intimate writing workshops. Part boot camp, Part support group.

Writing is a lonely endeavor. Understanding this, Charlotte Chatton doesn’t merely read your screenplay and give notes. She fully inhabits your imaginary world, slips into the skin of your characters, and gives you feedback from the inside out. With Charlotte as your coach, you will have a friend and ally on the inside, encouraging you and pushing you from conception of your idea all the way to the birth of your completed screenplay.

Tawnya Bhattacharya

Script Anatomy: The best television writing workshops in Los Angeles.

Tawnya Bhattacharya and her team of excellent instructors break down the Herculean task of writing a television spec or pilot into easily digestible chunks. With the concepts and tools you will learn from Tawnya, you can finally turn that nebulous TV idea into a solid draft.

Lee Jessup

Screenwriter Career Coaching

In the Hollywood jungle, Lee is your trusted pith-helmeted guide, ensuring you avoid every  pit of quicksand and nest of vipers on your quest for the Holy Grail of screenwriting success.

Script Proofed

Script Proofreading

Typo proof your script before sending it out. Typos kill dreams.

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